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Manager  Lloyd Edwards – 07887 821124 Email l-edwards@sky.com
Assistant  Nick Hannington – 07796685463 Email hannington30@aol.com
The team is in its third season since being formed and currently plays in the East Berks league – section C.
All the boys have been playing together since they attended the Westwood development age group and have evolved into a good team who play the game the right way!
We have also played in the BYDL summer league and commence in this league again for April 2018.
We will also compete in 3 competitive tournaments this summer at Binfield, Bracknell and Westwood wanderers and won their first trophy last summer.
A fantastic bunch of boys with great set of parents who support the boys every week!!
We are currently looking to add another 2 players to the squad this year who will be able to compliment the current players.