To Parents/Carers

The Management Committee would like to underline the need for all its members to follow the FA Respect Guidelines.

Regrettably last season, we as a Club saw a number of incidents, which marred the enjoyment of a number of club members. It is our responsibility and intention to take steps to ensure that we do not see the same issues happening again this season. Given that Westwood Wanderers is a youth football club, there will be instances where our young players will react to events both on and off the pitch, as children. It is for our coaches and the children’s parents/carers to deal with these issues as adults and set the right example by acting at all times within the FA Respect guidelines, so as to reinforce the high standards of behaviour that we as a club expect. Parents and spectators supporting Westwood teams are asked to do precisely that. Please continue to offer positive encouragement to our teams, but remember that all those involved at our level, (players/coaches/referees/league officials) are all amateurs and not the highly paid professionals you see at the Mad Stad/Emirates/Stamford Bridge. As such the Club will not tolerate what could be seen as ‘professional football’ attitudes to referees and the opposition that we are playing against. Please check these in at the turnstiles whilst leaving the ground of whichever team you support! It follows that all the officials and coaches of Westwood Wanderers devote many hours of their own time to ensure the smooth running of the club. We would ask that parents/carers help ease this workload by;

1. Allowing the coaches to coach.

2. Respond in a timely fashion to communications from Coaches.

3. Where your child is unavailable for a scheduled fixture, please let the coach know well in advance.

4. Arrive for training sessions and matches on time, with all the right equipment.

5. Help with setting up pitches/taking down goals where needed.

6. Offer your help, rather than wait to be asked. We have started to see some Parents/Carers having unreasonable expectations as to the availability of Coaches and Club Officials. Unless specifically invited, please do not call at the home addresses of club officials unannounced.


The FA Respect video below is very thought provoking.


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