Our Support for young referees


Westwood Wanderers FC fully encourage and support the development of young referees within our area.

We do encourage our older players “u15 upwards” to get involved attend courses where possible and with the support of our referee co ordinator get as much game time as posssible.

Many Westwood players are involved in this and it  has been a huge success.


If you are looking to get involved in refereeing  please cotact our co ordinator  Richard Sipson  via email : richardsipson.goals@gmail.com 






Below is the strategy for our young referees:

By the end af this season we would have already had 12 Westwood players qualify as 5/7 aside or 11 aside referees , this is just part of over 30 referees that we have helped qualify since the start of this program and we are getting calls every day for more players to come and join Richard and his refereeing team. With a good mix of girls getting involved and become very strong referees.
The girls and boys come along to try out there hand at becoming a referee at goals on a Saturday morning, then they get one to one coaching , until there confident to referee on there own, they are continuesly monitored on talking to the players and control of the game. They are then asked to complete a small sided or full sided referee course, we continue to follow there progress in to 7 aside and 9/11 aside  monitoring them over there games they need to qualify for there licensing.  We then continue with getting  feed back from managers they referee for and always being there in times of need.
We supply them with as many games as possible,  through the winter that could be from 1 game every other week to as many as 4 games on a Saturday morning at age groups that best suit there ability and that there confident in working with.
To build their confidence as a person as well as a referee, give them a qualification that they can take through life with, build them ready to go out in to the outside world and aim for high standards with time keeping skills, respect , and again the confidence to believe they are capable of reaching what ever standards they want to set.
My aim is to be there for the referees from start to finish, always being there for them if they have any issues on or off the line.
It was a great honour to take  Ewan plank,  Sam Ruchpaul and Mackenzie Raymond all Westwood players as part of my team this Sunday to Tadley stadium for the BYDL cup/plate finals. This is the guys first full year as qualified referees and they certain showed they had the skills required to go foward and become highly qualified match officials.
New Referee courses available as of 31st May 2018

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New referee course information

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Richard Sipson  via email : richardsipson.goals@gmail.com